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Current Officers 2016-2018

Johanna Oosterwyk
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Vice Chair

Nathan Deppe

University of Illinois


Michael Mucci
University of Guelph

Doug Walker
University of California - Davis


Communications Committee
AERGC Secretary, Chair

Christopher Small

Clark Nexsen
Dahlia Wist
Carnegie Institution

Lori Osborn

University of Tennessee


Jim Kramerad hoc 

AERGC Newsletter production
Delta T Solutions

Clinton Morse, ad hoc

Tech sub-committee
University of Connecticut


Membership Committee

Aaron Brand
Iowa State University


Casey Seals
University of Wyoming


Elections and Rules Committee
AERGC Chairperson, Vice Chair

Rob Eddy
Purdue University


Finance Committee
AERGC Treasurer, Chair

Mike Muchow

Kim DeLong
Dartmouth College

Frank Coker, ad hoc
University of Maryland - IBBR


Meeting Committee
Current Host, Chair

Tammy Brenner
Colorado State University

Amanda Debevc

Wadsworth Controls


Special Projects/Development Committee

Jean Marie-Sobze
NAIT Boreal Research Institute

Alex Turkewitsch
Greenhouse Engineering